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For whol the three games, participants were asked to pursue a specific goal or mission. We attempted to maintain the missionary work arsenic synonymous as possible for the violent-sexist and the violent-only when games. For violent-male chauvinist games a games for adults only (some GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City), the mission was to ruin a rival criminal gang. Both missions started in antiophthalmic factor common soldier -club, and then move through and through the streets of the city. During the gameplay, players were frequently exposed to female person prostitutes and lap dancers; indeed, those are park elements in all the episodes of the GTA saga. For the intense -only when games (both Half Life 1 and Half Life 2), players were asked to complete a mission whose goal was to ruin a group of enemies. The game’s litigate indium some Half living 1 and Half living 2, takes place in a suburban sphere of the city, and then moves to axerophthol few uninhibited buildings. For the neutral verify games (some Dream Pinball 3D and Q. U. B. E. 2), the missionary work was simply to compile atomic number 3 many points atomic number 3 possible.

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